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Protects Your Wall or Floor Openings “Tested at positive pressure to simulate the pressure differentials that can occur in a fire situation”

SELF SEAL® MW-300 is a specially formulated, pre-sized, semi-rigid mineral felt strip with a nominal 4.5 pcf (72 kg/m3) density.

SELF SEAL® MW-300 is compatible with the following:
1 Aluminum, pre-cast concrete and most exterior wall systems.
2 Thermally expanding pipes that are insulated at fire separations.
3 Power / communication cables and aluminum / galvanized steel cable trays.
4 Static / non-static pipes and conduits.

SELF SEAL® MW-300 is friction-fitted into voids, joints or cavities in fire separations. This product is used as a backing material for firestop sealants.

• All substrates must be clean and sound; free of oil, grease, dust, rust or other foreign materials. • FIRST place the SELF SEAL® MW-300 so that the grain runs parallel to the void or joint. Install so that the total width of uncompressed material is wider than the width of the actual void or joint opening in order to provide the specified minimum compression. Compress material by hand and insert into the void so that the material is recessed to the specified depth from the wall or floor surface. • NEXT follow the same procedure for each and every piece of material, remembering to butt all ends tightly to previously installed material or to the side walls of the void or joint opening in order to maintain a tight continuous fit. SELF SEAL® MW-300 is only recommended for use in firestop systems that are listed in either the UL Fire Resistance Directory Vol. 2, the UL Directory of Products Certified for Canada, the ULC List of Equipment and Materials - Firestop Systems and Components, the Warnock Hersey Directory of Listed Products, or the Factory Mutual Research Approval Guide.

Packaged in 2' x 1' x 4' (0.6m x 1.2m x 0.3m) durable plastic bags. Approx. 25 lb. (11.4 kg) per bag.
2 x 4
3 x 4
4 x 4
Lineal Feet
Lineal Meters

• During installation wear a NIOSH approved dust / fiber respirator.
• Consult Material Safety Data Sheet.

The company warrants that each quantity of SELF SEAL® MW-300 product delivered will be of the kind designated or specified by it and no other warranty (except of title) is implied.

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