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NuFlex 302 Hi-Temp Red Gasket Maker is a one-part non-slumping silicone sealant with the consistency of toothpaste. It cures when it is exposed to moisture in the air to form a tough rubbery seal. NuFlex 302 Hi-Temp was formulated to perform at temperatures ranging from 65 to 260C (-85 to 500F) under continuous operating conditions. During intermittent exposure, NuFlex 302 Hi-Temp will withstand temperatures as high as 316C (600F). It is ideal for a number of sealing and bonding applications.

The high temperature properties of NuFlex 302 Hi-Temp make it ideally suited for: Sealing and encapsulating heating elements in appliances, aerospace gasketing, moving oven belts, industrial ovens and bag filters on smoke stacks. Other critical bonding, sealing, potting, encapsulating and protective coatings where parts must perform at high temperatures. There are also many applications for NuFlex 302 Hi-Temp in and around automobiles, RVs, boats and in small engines such as: Making and/or replacing expensive paper and cork gaskets in water pumps, timing chain/belt covers, rocker covers, heat risers, and any area where high temperatures and vibration are prevalent. NuFlex 302 Hi-Temp is oxygen sensor safe. Do not use in direct contact with fuels such as gasoline or diesel fuel.

Nuflex 302 Hi-Temp is supplied ready-to-use. It flows readily from its container under pressure. The paste-like consistency makes it easy to work with. A spatula, wooden paddle or wetted finger can be used to tool the surface.
Tack-Free Time: Curing progresses inward from the surface. At conditions of 25C (77F) and 50% relative humidity, a tack-free skin forms within 10-20 minutes. Tooling should be completed immediately after application. If masking tape is used to mask an area it must be removed before the tack-free skin forms.
Cure-Time: Cure time is affected by relative humidity, degree of confinement and cross-sectional thickness of the sealant. Sections up to 3.2 mm (1/8) thick become rubbery solids in about 24 hours at room temperature and 50% relative humidity to a Shore A durometer hardness rating of about 25 points. After 3 days at room temperature, this durometer hardness levels off to about 32 points In applications where NuFlex 302 Hi-Temp may be partially or totally confined during cure, the time required for proper cure is generally lengthened by the degree of confinement. Every application involving confinement during cure should be thoroughly tested before production commences. Curing time increases with the thickness of the sealant. A 12.7 mm (1/2) cross section for example, may require 3 or 4 days for complete cure. However, the cure will have penetrated the outer 3.2mm (1/8) in about 24 hours.

Use in well ventilated areas and avoid breathing vapors. On contact, uncured sealant irritates eyes. Flush eyes with luke warm water. Call physician. Avoid skin contact and do not ingest. Keep out of reach of children. For complete safety information consult Material Safety Data Sheet. Sealant releases acetic acid (vinegar-like odour) during cure .

NuFlex 302 Hi-Temp sealant is designed to meet the requirements of MIL-A-46106A, Amendment2, Type 1. NuFlex 302 Hi-Temp sealant is authorized by the United States Department of Agriculture for use in federally inspected meat and poultry plants. Certified by NSF. Agricultural Canada Approved. NuFlex 302 Hi-Temp is recognized by Underwriters Laboratories for service to 150C (302F) where elongation is not essential. UL plastics component QMFZ2 file no. E 196754.

NuFlex 302 High-Temp is available in a variety of sizes 80 ml (2.7 U.S. fl oz), 300 ml (10.1 U.S. fl oz), 850 ml (28.6 U.S. fl oz) all-plastic caulking cartridges with nozzle which fit manual or air operated caulking guns, (12 cartridges to a case). It is also available in 10 Litre (2.6 U.S. Gallon) pails, 17 Litre (4.5 U.S. gallon) pails and 204 Litre (52 U.S. gallon) drums. NuFlex 302 High-Temp is available in red colour only. For sealant coverage or yields please see the Coverage Chart found in the Application tip section of the Nuco technical binder.

Shelf-life is 12 months from date of shipment from our plant when stored in clean, dry area with temperature between 40F to 90F (4C to 32C). For best results, keep the sealant in tightly closed containers when not in use.

NUCO Inc. warrants only that its product will meet its specifications. NUCO shall in no event be liable for incidental or consequential damage. NUCOs liability, expressed or implied is limited to the stated selling price of any goods found to be defective.

These values are not intended for use in preparing specifications. Spec Writers, please contact NUCO before writing specifications if any further information is required.

As Supplied
Specific Gravity 1.04
Extrusion rate (3.2mm (1/8) orifice, 90 psi air pressure ) 335 g/minute
Flow Rate (sag or slump) Nil
Tack-Free Time at 25C (77F) and 50% R.H. 15 minutes
Cure time at 25C (77F) and 50% R.H
(3.2mm (1/8) thickness) 24 hours
Unprimed Adhesion (most substrates) Good
As Cured  Physical
ASTM C661 - Durometer Hardness Shore A, points 32
ASTM D 412 Die C - Tensile Strength, MPa (psi) 2.4 (350)
ASTM D 412 Die C - Elongation at break, Percent 500
ASTM D 746 - Brittle point, C (F) -62 (-80)
ASTM D 2137 A - Volume Coefficient of
Thermal Expansion 0 to 100C (32F to 212F) 9.3 x 10-4
Thermal Conductivity, cal/(cm) (C) (sec) 0.45 x 10-3
As Cured  Electrical
ASTM D 257 - Volume Resistivity (OHM  cm) 1.5 x 1015
ASTM D 149 - Dielectric Strength (kV/mm)(V/mil) 21.7 (550)
ASTM D 150 - Dielectric Constant at 60 Hz, 100Hz and 100kHz 2.8
ASTM D 150 - Dissipation Factor at 60 Hz, 100 Hz and 100 kHz 0.0015
The information and data contained herein is BASED ON INFORMATION WE BELIEVE TO BE RELIABLE. Please read all statements, recommendations or suggestions herein in conjunction with our CONDITIONS of SALE which apply to all goods supplied by us. We assume no responsibility for the use of these statements, recommendations or suggestions, nor do we intend them as recommendation for any use which would infringe any patent or copyright.

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